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The following is a list of the units sprites that existed in CTP1 and are not now in CTP2. To be more specific, the units are not in the game, but Activision left the sprites for use in mods. Here's the list

GU01.SPR Cattle
GU02.SPR Settler
GU03.SPR Warrior
GU04.SPR Slaver
GU05.SPR Mounted Archer
GU06.SPR Samurai
GU07.SPR Triremes
GU08.SPR Phalanx
GU09.SPR Easter Egg - Cow Sprite
GU10.SPR Diplomat
GU11.SPR Legion
GU12.SPR Cleric
GU13.SPR Archer
GU14.SPR Fire Trireme
GU15.SPR Knight
GU16.SPR Longship
GU17.SPR Pikemen
GU19.SPR Cannon
GU20.SPR Cavalry
GU21.SPR Ship of the Line
GU22.SPR Musketeers
GU23.SPR Lawyer
GU24.SPR Fascist
GU25.SPR Abolitionist
GU27.SPR Machine
GU28.SPR Artillery
GU30.SPR Troop Ship
GU31.SPR Submarine
GU33.SPR Battleship
GU34.SPR Spy
GU35.SPR Fighter
GU36.SPR Aircraft Carrier
GU37.SPR Combat Engineer (Easter Egg)
GU38.SPR Tank
GU39.SPR Marine
GU40.SPR Nuke
GU41.SPR Destroyer
GU42.SPR Televangelist
GU44.SPR Cargo Pod - Space
GU46.SPR Interceptor
GU47.SPR Bomber
GU48.SPR Cyber Ninja
GU49.SPR Mobile SAM
GU50.SPR Corporate Branch
GU51.SPR Stealth Bomber
GU53.SPR Paratrooper
GU54.SPR Air Transport
GU55.SPR Space Plane
GU56.SPR Subneural Ads
GU57.SPR Spy Plane
GU58.SPR War Walker
GU59.SPR Sea Engineer
GU60.SPR Stealth Sub
GU62.SPR Plasma Destroyer
GU64.SPR Ecoterrorist
GU65.SPR Space Fighter
GU66.SPR Space Engineer
GU68.SPR Infector
GU69.SPR Crawler
GU70.SPR Plasmatica
GU71.SPR Star Cruiser
GU73.SPR Storm Marines
GU74.SPR Space Bomber
GU75.SPR Eco Ranger
GU76.SPR Wormhole Probe
GU77.SPR Leviathon
GU78.SPR Fusion Tank
GU79.SPR Swarm
GU80.SPR Rift Gate (not used)
GU81.SPR Phantom
GU87.SPR Air Transport (Gray)
GU88.SPR Worker
GU89.SPR Slave
GU90.SPR Cargo Pod - Space
GU91.SPR Space Plane - Space
GU92.SPR Space Fighter- Space
GU93.SPR Swarm - Space
GU95.SPR Unknown


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